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Chengdu Panoramas

While visiting Chengdu, I went out exploring on my own while my friends were working. They would suggest interesting places to go and write it on a business card with the office address. At any point I could hail a cab, show them the card and within a few minutes I was back in recognizable surroundings. Luckily, my hotel was near a large observation tower that could be seen for miles, this was my main landmark.

On one of my explorations about town my friends sent me to a new shopping district. There was a tall new building under construction. The bottom floor was a large department store and to upper floors were still under construction. I found an elevator inside the store, got in, and punched to highest button. When the door opened I was on the roof of this half built building. There was what looked like a small rooftop bar that was not open. There was no construction at the time, so I started snapping pictures for a new panorama shot. After I finished, I turned around to leave and was surrounded by four Chinese police officers. They demanded to look at my camera and were yelling at me in Chinese. I was scared I was about to go to Chengdu jail. I showed them I was only taking skyline pictures, and they finally escorted me back to the elevator, down to the first floor, and out the front door of the department store. The panorama below is fron those pictures.

The below two panoramas are from the same set of shots. On one of my trips about town I wentdirectly downtown to the tallest building, which was a hotel. There was a restaurant at the very top. It was not open at the time, but I asked if I could walk around and take pictures. No one spoke English, but acknowledged my holding up the camera. I took a 180 degree panorama from the side facing the city.

This is about 270 degrees from the same location as above. You can see on the far right the observation tower and the coal fired power plants that caused a lot of smog.