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Democrats attempt to erase their own racist history

The democrat party, long know as the "party of slavery", is actively taking steps to remove statues, names, and references to Civil War democrats. By erasing their own history, the democrat party is following in the footsteps of many leftist authoritarian regimes through history. The tactics of democrats have devolved into simply accusing anyone that disagrees with them as being "racist" or in favor of "white supremacy". The first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, was able to save the country despite the democrat attempt to succeed from the Union. Instead of engaging in any kind of meaningful debate, the democrat party has yielded the cheapest and most thoughtless of responses: call people names and yell them down, threaten and beat them up if necessary. The democrat party seems to be focused on destroying the traditions, history, and culture of the United States of America because they are so unable to accept of the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 Presidential election. It is a sad, pathetic, and embarrassing response that is causing great harm to the country.