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virtualization, servers, programming, java, networking


Provide administration and maintenance of production servers running RedHat, CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu Linux in a 24/7 environment. Backup, administer, and troubleshoot MySQL, Apache, Drupal, Wordpress, DNS, Python, GitLab.

defense, virtualization, programming, architect, java


Five years of progressive experience as an Enterprise Solutions Architect. Extensive knowledge and experience in software development leadership using Agile techniques and processes, as well as in-depth knowledge and understanding of the rapidly evolving IT landscape. Focused work within secure government environments with a concentration on Enterprise SOA systems, virtualization, and datacenter management, monitoring and automation.

Data Architect
• Designed and developed a repeatable software development platform for World Trade Center medical claims project

defense, virtualization, servers, java, networking


Worked with the AmberPoint SOA Management System in various commercial and federal settings including Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), Defense Information Security Agency (DISA), and MIT Lincoln Labs among others. Worked directly with customers and lead customer teams towards successful deployments and production solutions using system administration skills.

defense, virtualization, servers, programming, cloud


Assisted sales team in the deployment and configuration of Cassatt Collage, a utility computing software solution at client locations. Platform also provided ITIL v2 compliance using automated IT datacenter management techniques that covered service and application level availability, capacity management, and provisioning requests. Also supported virtualization of United States Army projects with VMWare ESX, P2V and PlateSpin. Configured integrations with Weblogic and associated J2EE applications, Oracle 10g, Windows 2003 Server and JBoss application server.

servers, programming, architect, java, networking


Assisted in the development of the SmartPay Call Pricing Module, a real time rating engine for pre-pay and post-pay wireless communications. Project utilized Stateless Session beans, Ant, x-doclet, Hibernate, and JBoss 4.0.x. Focused on multithreaded applications, MBean architecture, and high performance clustering. Responsibilities included core rating engine J2EE development, Java address validation process development, and full deployment shell scripting with JBoss cluster and RedHat Linux kernel configurations. Final QA throughput was in excess of 1000 transactions per second.

programming, c++


Assisted in the development of ClearIP, a Voice Over IP authorization, billing and settlement solution for telecommunications clearinghouses. Areas of focus included encoding and encryption techniques, UNIX TCP/IP, C++, Oracle Pro*C, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and Open Settlement Protocol (OSP) programming. The software heavily used Oracle8i running on Sun Solaris. Also exposed to database performance tuning, SIP and H.323 telecommunications standards, and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) cryptography systems.

programming, consultant, networking

The Home Depot

Involved with the development of the new e-commerce website for The Home Depot. Experience included programming in JavaScript, the BroadVision API, SQL, Java, and XML. Also designed and programmed an enterprise wide web image request and conversion system. Website updates were made daily from images stored in DB2 on an IBM 390 mainframe into three sizes to a file system structure designed to optimize seek time. All product images on were created through this process. Used UNIX shell scripting, computer graphics knowledge, ImageMagick, and quality assurance knowledge.

television, programming, c++, consultant, networking

The Weather Channel

Participated in the development and launch of The Weather Channel StarXL, an on-air graphics presentation engine. This presentation engine displays the local forecast for individual cable head-ends (local on the 8s) multiple times per hour. The software was written in C++, utilizing the Silicon Graphics OpenGL and Digital Media APIs. The systems are still on the air today.

servers, programming, c++, networking, animator

Houston Associates/Raytheon

Programmed a real time 3D simulation system for the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, MD. The software delivered four simultaneous video streams to training rooms for interactive hazardous materials simulations. The simulation was written with the Silicon Graphics Performer C++ API. Also programmed components that included UNIX TCP/IP and UDP sockets communication and a Windows based User Interface control console written in Visual Basic.

television, programming, c++, networking, animator

The Cartoon Network

Utilized motion capture hardware and animation software in The Cartoon Network production of the 17 minute pilot episode of The Moxy and Flea Show, a cartoon starring comedian Chris Rock. Modeled and animated scenes in Alias and did character animation using Open Inventor and Colossal Studios Alive software. UNIX system administration and post production skills were also used during the production schedule.

servers, programming, c++, animator

Medical College of Georgia

Conducted research concerning the localization of epileptic foci in humans. Worked with neurosurgeons, neurologists, and patients to combine MRI, CT and EEG medical data for visualization. C programming, angiographic and stereotactic localization techniques, volume visualization, and numerical analysis were used. Work won award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research in Electrical Engineering at Georgia Tech. Work also published in "Computers and Biomedical Engineering".

television, servers, programming, c++, animator

Georgia Institute of Technology

Helped in the development of interactive informational kiosks and multimedia Olympic presentations. Involved with 3D motion capture and analysis, and programming of biomedical surgical simulators (ophthalmic and cardiac). Also did video and audio production and post production of animation shorts and multimedia software.