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Site News: Site migration planned

A site migration is planned for A new hosting environment has been provided by Blackmesh, Inc.. The new environment has the capacity for five (5) virtual machines in a cloud infrastructure implemented with OpenStack. The current site, hosted by, is an inexpensive shared server account which limits many system level improvements planned for the site. These include the implementation of caching systems memcache and Varnish, as well as having the database and webserver on separate machines.

Site News: Custom theme created

A new custom theme has been created for the site. The theme "Johnland" is based on the "Danland" theme. A custom theme is needed so that code level updates persist through Drupal updates, among other things. When Danland was being used and Drupal updates were run (via drush up), customizations were lost because Danland is a Drupal provided core theme. The danland theme directory was simply cloned and renamed johnland. A file named and configuration updates (page.tpl.php, style.css, template.php) were needed as well to create the new theme.

Site News: New animated slideshow added

A new animated slideshow has been added to the front page of the site. Animated GIF images were used in the slideshow to accomplish this effect. The animated GIF files are the first five (5) images, and then the rest are collages created with Picasa. Camtasia was used to composite all the elements and generate the final animated GIFs. A bug in Camtasia introduced a 1 pixel black line at the top of the final images. This was trimmed with ImageMagick but led to presentation inconsistencies.

Site News: New video galleries added

New video galleries have been added to the site. These include fractal videos created with Mandelbulb3d, a tri-pawed Nellie video, work related projects, and jet boat videos! All of the videos were uploaded to YouTube and set to unlisted status, then configured on the site with the Drupal Video Filter module. Camtasia was also used to create the Fractal and Nellie videos.

Site News: New photo galleries added

New photo galleries have been added to the site. The photo galleries were created using the Drupal Node Gallery and dependent modules. Other gallery options are being tested. The advantage of the Node Gallery is that each photo has all of the attributes of a node and can be configured with taxonomy and access rules, among other things. Basic image galleries often just create a table or grid with links to images.

Site News: New panoramas added

New panoramic photos have been added to the site. They include images from Beijing and Chengdu China, and the Washington D.C./Baltimore/Northern VA area. The panoramas were created with source photos taken with a Canon EOS Rebel and iPhone5. The photos were stitched together using PTGui. The Drupal module MagicZoom was installed and integrated to show a mouse-over magnifier window for each panorama. Stay tuned there are more panoramas on the way, these include Tokyo and the Czech Republic.


New website created...

This is my new website. It uses Drupal 7.23.