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Consulting assignments

The Home Depot

Involved with the development of the new e-commerce website for The Home Depot. Experience included programming in JavaScript, the BroadVision API, SQL, Java, and XML. Also designed and programmed an enterprise wide web image request and conversion system. Website updates were made daily from images stored in DB2 on an IBM 390 mainframe into three sizes to a file system structure designed to optimize seek time. All product images on were created through this process. Used UNIX shell scripting, computer graphics knowledge, ImageMagick, and quality assurance knowledge.

The Weather Channel

Participated in the development and launch of The Weather Channel StarXL, an on-air graphics presentation engine. This presentation engine displays the local forecast for individual cable head-ends (local on the 8s) multiple times per hour. The software was written in C++, utilizing the Silicon Graphics OpenGL and Digital Media APIs. The systems are still on the air today.