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Democrat party responsible for mob violence

From the Occupy Wall Street movement to Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the burning of Baltimore and Ferguson Missouri, democrats are responsible for civil unrest and violence across the country. By violently attacking anyone that does not agree with them, the tactics of the democrat party are having a very negative affect on the country. Political violence in the streets of America is the legacy of Barack Hussein Obama, and the fundamental transformation of America. In 2008 Barack Hussein Obama told followers to "Argue with your neighbors, get in their face".

Nancy Pelosi shows signs of dementia

The 77 year old democrat from California stated twice that one "cannot yell wolf in a crowded theater" in an 8/26/17 interview with San Francisco television station KRON. When the interviewer, Pam Moore, pressed Pelosi to consider Patriot Prayer’s First Amendment rights, Pelosi responded, “The Constitution does not say that a person can yell wolf in a crowded theater. If you are endangering people, then you don’t have a constitutional right to do that.” Pelosi is clearly suffering from mental illness, confusion, and is unfit to fulfill her duty in Congress.

Democrats attempt to erase their own racist history

The democrat party, long know as the "party of slavery", is actively taking steps to remove statues, names, and references to Civil War democrats. By erasing their own history, the democrat party is following in the footsteps of many leftist authoritarian regimes through history. The tactics of democrats have devolved into simply accusing anyone that disagrees with them as being "racist" or in favor of "white supremacy". The first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, was able to save the country despite the democrat attempt to succeed from the Union.

Hillary Clinton, elderly wife of impeached President Bill Clinton, releases audio book

With less passion than a robotic voice that tells you to buckle you seat belt, 69 year old Hillary Clinton narrates her own demise in the book "What Happened". Hillary Clinton said her “skin crawled” as Donald Trump loomed behind her in a debate. Hillary Clinton's husband has been accused of rape on multiple occasions and was caught having sex with an intern in the Oval Office and was impeached for lying under oath, and Trump makes her skin crawl in a live televised Presidential debate? This makes no sense.

Barack Hussein Obama Failed Black Americans

Barack Hussein Obama, our first black president, won well over 90 percent of the black vote, yet from an economic perspective he delivered poor results. Black incomes from 2009 to 2014 fell more for blacks than any other racial or ethnic group. Just as an example of good intentions run amok: policies like raising the minimum wage increases had a statistically significant negative effect on black teenage labor force participation rates. So far President Trump has done more for black economic progress in six months than Hussein Obama did in eight years.

Wasserman Schultz’s Pakistani IT consultant arrested

Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s top information technology guy, the Pakistani-born Imran Awan — who was under investigation by the FBI for theft and cybersecurity-tied abuses — was arrested at Dulles International Airport as he tried to flee the country. Democrats are rushing to defend him, saying he’s the target of massive federal Islamophobia. Awan has been under FBI investigation for some time for allegedly double-billing House members for items like computers, iPads and other technological equipment.

Delusional Pelosi states Democrats have 'won every fight' against Republicans

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) said Wednesday 8/23/17 that Democrats have "won every fight" against Republicans, leaving out that Democrats have lost the Presidency, countless state governorships and congressional districts, and every special election to Republicans this year.

Site News: Site now hosted at 1&1

The site has been migrated to 1&1 hosting. It and other sites are on a 4x4x300 VPS for $20/month at 1&1.


Site News: Website migration

The website has been migrated into a Blackmesh OpenStack environment. The site is currently on two CentOS VPS servers, one for the Apache webserver and another for the MySQL database. Additionally, the webserver has been updateded to PHP 5.6, and is running the Varnish frontend content cache.

Drupal 8 release party

php[world] will be in Washington D.C. on November 16th-20th, 2015. Drupal 8 will be released on November 19th and there will be a Drupal 8 release party at php[world]. This year’s conference will take place once again at the Sheraton Premiere at Tyson’s Corner (8661 Leesburg Pike) in the Washington D.C. area. This hotel is located a convenient short cab ride from the Dulles International Airport. It also is situated directly next to the Spring Hill Metro stop on the new Silver Metro Line stop!