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By johncordova, 31 January, 2023

Here are some intersting links!
Virology Lectures by Dr. Vincent Racaniello:
Lecture 1) What is a virus?
Lecture 2) The infectious cycle:
Lecture 3) Genomes and genetics:
Lecture 4) Structure of viruses:
Lecture 5) Attachment and entry:
Lecture 6) RNA Directed RNA Synthesis:
Lecture 7) Transcription and RNA processing:
Lecture 8) Viral DNA replication:
Lecture 9) Reverse Transcription and Integration:
Lecture 10) Assembly:
Lecture 11) The infected cell:
Lecture 12) Infection basics:
Lecture 13) Intrinsic and innate defenses:
Lecture 14) Adaptive defenses:
Lecture 15) Mechanisms of pathogenesis:
Lecture 16) Acute infections:
Lecture 17) Persistent infections:
Lecture 18) Transformation and Oncogenesis:
Lecture 19) Vaccines: