Crazy Apartment Stories

By johncordova, 13 May, 2023
Story # 1 

I was living at State Street Academy and I had graduated from Ga Tech.  A few moths later, I was offered a job in the Washington D.C. area.  Ga Tech basketball team was in the NCAA finals that year.  I went to Crystal City Sports Club to watch the game.  GT got beat, but after the game I saw one person in the bar with a GT hat on.  I went and spoke to him. He had just started at GT.  I told hime I used to live at State Street Academy (1041 State Street).  He said he just moved in to State Street Academy!   Long story short, this guy moved into my old apartment in Atlanta!

Story # 2

I was working with an apartment manager to find an available place to move in downtown Savannah.  Mr. Perry said he had just kicked a woman out because she had cats in the apartment.   I later met someone on a chat phone line that lived on wilmington Island.  When I went to her apartment, she had lots and lots of cats.  She then proceeded to complain about getting kicked out of her apartment.  I asked, did you live at 217 E. Charlton St?  She said Yes, how did I know that?  I let her know I just moved into her former apartment.

Story # 3

I was on a date with a Jewish woman that was a marathon runner.  We were at The Warehouse in Alexandria having lunch.  We were both talking about having previously lived in Adams Morgan many years ago.  She lived at Park Terrace - 1660 Lanier Place NW, on the 4th floor.  I told her that is where I lived as well.  I said my apartment is #401 and overlooked Argonne Place.  She told me I must have moved in to her apartment right after she moved out.